Certification Manual - "Fitness ABCs" - 2nd Ed.

This one manual contains the material for all of our certification courses. To download, right-click on the appropriate language version below. Choose the folder to download to. Save the manual to your Desktop or other convenient location. Once downloaded, double click on the filename (fitabc.pdf) in your Windows Explorer. This PDF version of the "Fitness ABCs" Certification Manual requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, you can get a free copy here: Adobe PDF Reader. No files are placed in any other folder nor are entries made in your registry. All downloads are certified virus free. This manual can also be read online using this link Online Fitness ABCs.

To download the Certification Manual for offline reading, use right click and then SAVE AS. Save it to your desktop and read it from there.

Certification Manual Includes

  • Nutrition
  • Supplements
  • Weight Training
  • Aerobic Training
  • Targeting Goals
  • Progress Forms
  • Performance Charts
  • Client Forms
  • Injury Prevention
  • Safety

Download the Certification Manual "Fitness ABCs".

This is the manual that you are required to read before taking any of the Certification Exams.

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Additional Downloads for Seminar Use

You do not need to download these tests if you plan to take the online test. You only need to download the test if you plan to mail in your test and payment. Use right click and then SAVE AS.

Test Exam Downloads:

Adobe PDF File AERO.pdf - Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Adobe PDF File NUTR.pdf - Sports Nutritionist

Adobe PDF File SENR.pdf - Senior Fitness Instructor

Adobe PDF File AQUA.pdf - Aqua Fitness Instructor

Other Downloads:

Adobe PDF File BMI.pdf - Printable BMI Table

Adobe PDF File brochure.pdf - IFA Brochure

Seminar Flyer Downloads: (see Hosting Seminars)

Microsoft Word File Flyer-Certification-Seminar-2.zip - IFA Certification Seminar Flyer - 2
Or, you can purchase a 17" x 24" poster version from our supplier here

Microsoft Word File Flyer-IFA-Ad.zip - IFA Ad Flyer

Microsoft Word File Flyer-Certification-Seminar-1.zip - IFA Certification Seminar Flyer - 1

Microsoft Word File Flyer-General-Seminar.zip - IFA General Seminar Flyer

Adobe PDF File IFA Presentation.pdf - Presentation for IFA Seminars