Hosting an IFA Seminar

Personal Trainers may conduct seminars either in addition to individual client training or in lieu of it. The advantages are as follows:

There are two types of seminars:

Certifying seminars are those where you are using the IFA manual to prepare others to take the IFA certification exam. We will talk about that kind later. The easier of the two is the non-certifying seminar.

In either type of seminar, you are the host. IFA does not come to your location and conduct the seminar. You use the IFA Fitness Training Manual and test. You download the book, make copies of it for your attendees and conduct the seminar according to your own designs so long as the principles of the IFA Fitness Training Manual are used as seminar content. You are responsible for the costs of printing the manual and materials that you've downloaded from the website.

Can anyone host a seminar? Yes, to some extent. It would be painfully obvious to the attendees if an unqualified instructor/trainer tried to conduct a seminar. Not all instructors are capable of conducting a seminar either. We don't require that you be certified to conduct a seminar. Why? You may have qualifications that far exceed those provided by a certification, i.e., a university degree in Exercise Science. If you are certified, we don't require that you be IFA certified. However, an IFA certification is recommended so that you are familiar with our advanced philosophy and principles of training. Know your capabilities. Our philosophies regarding Cardio Kickboxing instruction are leading the industry. And, until the industry catches up, it is required that those principles be adhered to when conducting seminars, regardless of what you've been taught in other certification seminars.

Non-Certifying General Seminars

Click to Download Flyer As a Personal Trainer, this is the easiest career choice. Seminars can be conducted on a variety of subjects such as general fitness, weight training, general nutrition, etc. Most people don't know the basics about fitness, exercise and nutrition. Remember, unless you are a registered dietician or licensed Nutritionist, you cannot provide individual meal plans. You can provide information on what foods to include in maintaining a healthy life style and what to avoid or minimize. You should not counsel the clinically obese without working under the direction of a medical professional.

Seminars can last for a single afternoon or a few days. The amount that you charge each attendee will be based on your time. Generally, an afternoon seminar could easily cost $100 to $150 per person. If you have 20 people in attendance, that could add up to a profitable afternoon. You may also want to distribute handouts for them to take home. Obviously, a gregarious personality will be beneficial. You are teaching, but you can make it a fun experience. IFA receives nothing from this type of seminar.

If you don't have your own facility, seminars can be conducted anywhere that provides a fairly quiet and uninterrupted environment such as community centers, conference rooms, aerobic and cardio exercise rooms when not scheduled. Gyms are great places to hold seminars and will also help advertise the seminar to their members. As an incentive, you should offer the gym between 15% and 20% of what you take in. They will be happy to provide this value added benefit to their members and make some additional income by utilizing otherwise unscheduled space.

To conduct a successful seminar:

As an added benefit, you can use our Fitness ABCs manual in your seminar. You can download the PDF copy from the download page, print out the number of copies required for your attendees. You may also print out just sections of the manual as a less costly measure than printing the entire manual. The only requirement is that the copies of material that you print have the IFA name on each page. You can use "Courtesy of the International Fitness Assn." We have made two type of flyers available for you in Microsoft Word format. You can download them here and fill in the specifics of your event.

Certifying Seminars

Click to Download Flyer You will conduct a seminar as described above except you will be using the entire IFA Manual, which will require that you supply your attendees with a full printed copy or a PDF electronic copy. The purpose of this type of seminar is to prepare others to take one or more of the IFA exams. IFA Instructors world-wide are currently conducting this type of seminar and range in duration anywhere from an afternoon to a full week. The amount that you charge your attendees will depend on the length of the seminar. Seminar fees that you charge may range from about $100 for a single afternoon to a few hundred for seminars that span multiple days. You will also add the cost of the certification to your fee, which must be sent to IFA.

After the seminar material has been covered, you will administer the exam of choice either online at our website or by using the printed copy available from our download page. If the test is sent in for grading, you will need to include the standard certification fee for each card or each card and certificate. We will then grade the tests and issue the cards or cards and certificates in one package for you to distribute to your attendees. Only IFA may grade the tests. Only IFA may print certification materials.

You may pay by mail along with the test submissions or online if your attendees have taken the test at our website. All graded tests will be returned to you for distribution. Prospective instructors who have failed the test, can resubmit the corrected test at anytime. Failed tests should not be given back to the prospective instructor. We return failed tests for your records. If you have any questions or need help in getting your first seminar started, you can contact us directly from the link below. We have much experience in working with those hosting seminars and have, therefore, probably encoutnered many of the questions already.

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