It's that time again! Your certification is due to expire. So what is the procedure? The recertification process is the same as when you initially certified. You must retake the test. We do not accept CEU credits towards a passing grade on the test. The procedure is:

3 Easy Steps to Recertification:

  1. Download IFA's Fitness Training Manual

  2. Take either test online now:

  3. Pay for your IFA Certification securely online here

Certification Card and Certificate mailed within 72 hours. If you choose email delivery, then you will be receiving your Card and Certificate in pdf format in a few business hours.

When your certification is due to expire, you will receive a notice by email. The notice will be sent to the email address that we have on record for you which is the one that you entered into the test form two years ago. Please make sure that we have your correct email. You can use the Member Update Form to send us the new information. You can retake the test up to 90 days before your certification expires. You can also pay before your certification expires. Your new certification date will begin, as before, on the same date and your new card will be mailed out early.

It is important not to let your certification lapse. Your insurance policy may not be valid without a current certification. So make sure that we receive your payment in sufficient time to process your certification. This should be at least two weeks before you expire. Your certification date will remain the same and valid for two more years. Your insurance company and/or employer can verify your current status using our Verify Instructor Form here or on the left panel of this page.

When you take the test, be sure to enter your current CI number or you may be assigned a new CI number. If that happens, don't worry it's not a problem. The automated test software may assign you a new CI number if your name or email changes.

You can also mail in a Check or Money Order using our Mail-in Payment Form. Certification Card and Certificate will be sent out when we receive your payment.

If you are having problems paying, you can find solutions on the Problems Paying page

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