Reasons for Payment Problems

Credit Card Problems

Here is a brief list as to why a credit card does not get approved ....
  1. AOL users must include "" in your email address, ex:

  2. Your browser may not have "JavaScript" enabled.

  3. U.S. customers may not be using their full 9 digit zip code from their credit card statement.

  4. The card will fail if the card is expired, the card number is not valid, or the card is overdrawn.

  5. Transactions cannot be processed through a firewall.

  6. Accepting credit cards over the internet is completely different than swiping your credit card at your local grocery store. With internet transaction where the cardholder is not present, there is extensive software authorizations that occur before a transaction can be approved.

  7. In some cases, a customer's computer may be triggering the authorization failure. If you have access to another computer, you may want to try purchasing from it.

  8. Rebooting the computer and trying again is the best method for cleaning out your system to create a secure environment for payment.

  9. Sometimes the card fails the address verification when a zip code match is done. It does on occasion reject perfectly good cards. Please keep in mind that we have no control over what code the credit card network returns on a card from the address verification. We cannot change our policy on our AVS system. For us and our clients, it is better that we err on the side of caution.

  10. If you are not sure whether your card was charged or not you can log back into PayPal and verify your payment.

  11. If your credit card WAS NOT charged, go back to the PayForm Page and try again.

  12. If you cannot get through either payment processor, you can mail in a payment. Please include your CI number.

Contacting IFA

If you still have problems making payment, your can mail in a check or money order to the address below. Please include your CI Number.

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