Essay Submittal

This form is to be used by IFA instructors, whose certification is current. It is to be used for the purpose of fulfilling part of the requirements for the Master Fitness Instructor or Senior Sports Nutritionist. See a description of the full requirements of the IFA Master Level Programs.

All information must be completed. Be sure to check the boxes below in agreement with the terms of the submittal.

CI #
Your Full Name
Current IFA Certification Type
Essay Title
Upload Essay
Allowable formats are: .doc, .pdf, or .txt only
Read and Check all boxes I hereby make application to upgrade my current IFA certification to a Master level.

I hereby declare that all works, references and assistance used in the preparation of this essay have been acknowledged.

I understand that act(s) of plagiarism or collusion will lead to the failure of this essay and possible exclusion from further and future consideration.

I hereby retain copyright to this essay but assign to the International Fitness Association non-revocable rights to publish, edit, and distribute this essay.

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