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IFA offers four separate Master Instructor programs, Master Fitness Instructor, Master Sports Nutritionist, Master Senior Fitness Instructor and our newest Master Aqua Fitness Instructor. The IFA standard certifications are prerequisites for these advanced level certifications.

An essay is required to be submitted according to the requirements below. The cost for either advanced certification is $300 and payable prior to essay submittal. The fee is non-refundable. If your essay is rejected, you will be advised on the areas that need further attention and expected to resubmit your essay.

The League of Master Fitness Instructors


To assess,
  1. Broadness and depth of current knowledge,
  2. Ability to think critically through the knowledge,
  3. Ability to present an argument well-supported by research data,


  1. Currently certified IFA Instructor.
  2. Master Fitness Instructor requires prior certification as an IFA Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.
  3. Master Sports Nutritionist requires prior certification as an IFA Sports Nutritionist.
  4. Master Senior Fitness Instructor requires prior certification as an IFA Senior Fitness Instructor.
  5. Master Aqua Fitness Instructor requires prior certification as an IFA Aqua Fitness Instructor.
  6. Essay submittal according to the guidelines enumerated below for the appropriate Master certification.


  1. Payment is required prior to essay submittal using form below.
  2. Essay submittal to IFA using the form located here.
  3. You will be notified by email of the results of your essay submittal. You may expect about a week for results.
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Press once and please wait a few seconds.

Essay Requirements:

An essay of between 2000 to 3000 words is required for either advanced certification.

The word limits excludes cover page, title, headings, figure captions, figure legends, figure descriptions, footnotes, endnotes and bibliographies. However, this will also mean that they may not be read.

The following are the mandatory requirements that all essays must fulfill. Failure to meet any of these requirements may mean failure of the essay. The requirements are as follows:

  1. The essay submitted must be within the word limit of the essay appropriate for the certification, as stated above.
  2. The essay submittal form must be completely filled in.
  3. The essay should be written in standard English as used in academic writings and therefore expected to be structured appropriately.
  4. All external works, references and assistance used should be cited in the bibliography section at the end of the essay and not as footnotes.
  5. The bibliography section and the citation styles used through the essay, should be stated at the beginning of the bibliography section.
  6. The essay should demonstrate a considerable width and depth of subject knowledge.
  7. The essay should demonstrate critical thinking and reasoning skills, and the ability to present a viewpoint or argument that is well supported by peer-reviewed research data. For example, information obtained from websites or media publications (except to illustrate an existing case or scenario) is not accepted as peer-reviewed research data.
  8. If an essay is rejected, the potential candidate will be advised of the revisions necessary.
  9. If an essay is rejected, the potential candidate may resubmit not more than three times within a one year period.

Guidelines for Essay Topics:

While there is not hard and fast rules pertaining to the choice of essay topics, the topic chosen should have enough width for a critical discussion and with sufficient information to sustain the length of the required essay. However, the topic should not be too broad that in depth discussion and analysis is not likely. For example, an essay surveying the different types of weight training methodologies is likely to result in a shallow and wide discussion, which is not a suitable topic as it will usually fail to demonstrate critical thinking and reasoning. On the other hand, an essay comparing two or three training methodologies will be better suited.


At the end of the two year period of your standard IFA certification, you will simply renew your certification by exam testing and repay the normal fee as you did for the standard certification initially. However, instead of receiving the standard certification, you will automatically be upgraded to the Master level as indicated on your new certification identification. Every two years simply renew as usual, you will hold Master Level as long as your standard certification is current. If it lapses, when you eventually renew, you will continue to maintain the Master level. You will not be required to apply for the Master's level again.

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