Step Aerobics
The Basics
  • Bring foot flat up and centered on board to avoid board instability.
  • Don't hang heels off the board to avoid straining the Achilles tendon.
  • Lower toes to the floor first then heel when coming off board to absorb shock.
  • Keep within 12 inches of board when coming to floor, except during lunges.
  • Keep heel off the floor when doing lunges, keep weight on the ball of the foot.
  • Power up onto to the board only, don't jump off board.
  • Lean from the ankles, not the hip.
  • Keep abdominals tight to improve muscle tone and balance.
  • Continue breathing, never hold the breath.
  • Knees should be soft not locked to provide shock absorption and reduce back strain.
  • Keep hands on waist until comfortable with leg movements, when learning coordination.
The Class
  • Warm Up

    • Begin with wide stance deep breaths to oxygenate the blood.
    • March in place, side step, grapevine.
    • Include wide stance toe tapping with reach out and up.
    • Extend reach across the centerline of the body.
    • Transition from reaching across to reach up, each side.
    • Stretch Calves, Hamstrings statically.
    • Shin (Tibialis Anterior) dynamic flex.
  • General Technique

    • Step up with whole foot flat on the board.
    • Step off board to floor with toe to heel.
    • Slight lean forward at the waist.
    • Heels stays off floor during lunges.
  • Safety

    • Limit step and cool-down music tempo range from 118 to 122 bpm.
    • Limit warm-up tempo range from 120 to 134 bpm.
    • Avoid moves that require stepping forward off the board.
    • Limit power moves (propulsion) to 1 minute intervals.
    • Limit repeater moves to five repeaters at time.
    • Use no weights on the board, except where one foot is on the floor.
    • Avoid pivoting moves on a loaded knee.
    • Never change more than one move at a time (i.e., legs then arms)
    • Always provide low impact alternatives to high impact moves.
Discontinue stepping if:
  • Legs become fatigued and uncoordinated.
  • Any pain becomes evident.
  • Dizziness occurs.
  • Rapid heart rate.

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