The definition of a 32-count phrase refers to the numbers of beats or pulses that go by in one "phrase" of music and is therefore a 32-count phrase. Music is naturally divided into phrases, which can be broken into smaller parts called measures, which normally consist of 4 beats of music. If you were to put 8 measures together, you would have 32 beats or counts of music. These 32-count phrases are the building blocks for complete songs. The phrases create patterns that you can follow and use as an instructor. A typical song might have a 32-count phrase which is the introduction, then a 32-count phrase which is the verse, then a 32-count phrase which is the bridge, then a 32-count phrase which is the chorus, and so on.

Music that is phrased in 32 counts makes it possible for instructors to choreograph combinations and routines that end up "on the right beat". Without 32 counts, it will be difficult to follow the music and your routine will finish on the wrong foot. Class participants can detect if you are on the beat or not (especially students that are musically inclined).

Moves or combinations should be structured in 32 count blocks so that you begin and end exactly on beat. Create patterns of movement that follow the patterns of the music to add incredible energy to your classes, along with a sense of smoothness and organization.

To build a 32-count combination, choose 4 moves that go together. An example of 4 moves might be:

  1. Step - touch
  2. Step - hamstring
  3. Grapevine
  4. Jumping jacks

Now that you have 4 moves that go together, perform each move for 8 counts.

Step 1 would be (do each for 1 count):

  • Step right
  • Touch in left
  • Step left
  • Touch right
  • Step right
  • Touch in left
  • Step left
  • Touch in right

This provides a total of 8 counts. Now you can continue on to Step 2 above and perform it for 8 counts.

Then Step 3 and finally Step 4. You now have a 32-count combination.

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