Weight Gain


There is much advice concerning the right way to gain weight. We all know how to gain weight ... eat lots of food. However, what we really need to know is how to gain muscle. Basically, eat more and lift weights.

  • Prepare a scoop of whey protein powder with a glass of milk.
  • Drink before your workout, not after.
  • Eat snacks low in saturated fats for the rest of the day; i.e., lean meats, nuts and low fat dairy.
  • Make a preference for exercises that group the maximum number of muscles; i.e., squats, inclined dumbbells, seated rows.
  • Use weights thats you can lift no more than 6 times.
  • Do 4 to 5 sets each.

There are lots of ads and advice circulating in magazine ads and gyms for miracle growth remedies. Miracle growth only works for plants. Keep in mind that supplements have to be filtered out using your liver and kidneys. Long-term studies are not done on many of these products only short-term. The body is not equipped to handle large concentrations of anything including oxygen.

Not even a seasoned research scientist would experiment on another human let alone his or her own body. Don't experiment with yours. Effects may not manifest themselves until you are in your 60's or 70's. Just eat well and exercise well.

If you are in competition, then like all competition athletes you are trading the physical risks for winning. If you are not in competition, what are you trading your health and safety for in return? Short-term side effects can be socially disastrous like gastric distress; i.e., bloating and flatulence.

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