Cooper Workout


Dumbbell, bar, Gerard bar, sumo, whatever variant. Excellent for all of the lower body, not just hamstrings. 2x12 Do reps to a 2/4 lowering/raising cadence.


Classic style, one hand resting above knee, controlling weight from floor to overhead smoothly, lowering smoothly. 1x12 2/2 cadence.

JEFFERSON LIFT (squat alternative):

Place barbell on floor, between legs, straddling bar. Grasp bar ahead of and behind body. Lower slowly, raise slower. 1 x 20, breathing style. 2/4 cadence.


I'd also strongly advise, based on my 18 years of experience in the martial arts as a student and 13 as a teacher, to NOT workout on a concrete or parquet over concrete floor. Grass, sprung wood floors (gymnastic) or tatami over real wooden floors prevent many of the injuries associated with typical step aerobics. I won't teach on a concrete floor or even a mat-padded concrete floor. Experience has taught me it isn't worth the injury potential.

I doubt that Miyagi or Funakoshi ever heard of shin splints, they taught only on sprung wood or grass.

Gordon Cooper
3rd Duan Hsin Lu Martial Arts Association
Seattle, WA

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