Weight Training

The section provides specific weight training exercises. If you have any suggestions or would like to add an exercise, let us know.

There has been a lot of talk about doing "Slow Repetitions". Some trainers will swear that they are achieving better results and citing surveys to back up the claims. The original study done several years ago suggested that lifting weights at a much slower rate than normal provides strength increases over the standard weight lifting rate. As it turns out a new study conducted by George Washington University medical center reviewed the findings of the earlier study and concluded that the original data was in error. In new studies, weight trainers, lifting at regular speed, gained 24 percent more strength than the slow lifters.

The moral to this story is not to dispute weight lifting claims, but to provide a perspective on general fitness. For as many trainers, instructors and diet gurus out there, there are as many opinions and many more to swear to the results. Use your own common sense. For what may be fact and truth today, may eventually be discovered to be misguidings at the least and fraud at the worst.

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