Nutritious Noshing

Offering your children healthy and delicious snacks and lunches is a snap. It just takes a bit of creativity and planning. With these tasty suggestions, you'll be setting a good example and building a better future in no time...


Pre-packaged items*: from the store to the lunch box:

Fruit cups Applesauce Peanut butter and crackers 100% juice boxes (small) Cheese sticks Fruit and cereal bars Granola bars Celery or carrot sticks with Ranch dressing

Treats you can put into containers or snack baggies ahead of time:

Grapes Strawberries Orange slices Peanut butter on celery sticks Homemade, no or low sugar oatmeal bars Low sugar cereal (good for a crunchy snack Trail mix (low-sugar version) Walnuts Cashews Dried fruit pieces (if store bought, chose the kind with no sulfites)

After School:

Peanut butter on apple slices No sugar added yogurt - stir in a teaspoon of no sugar added jam Natural granola with milk or soy milk and fruit Grilled cheese sandwich Bagel with cream cheese Raw veggie sticks with favorite dressing for dipping Fruit salad Peanut butter toast Bean and cheese burrito Chicken and cheese quesadilla Egg sandwich

*Read the labels and check for sugar, sodium, additives and preservatives. The health food isle of your grocery store will have the best selection. Kids require a higher fat intake than adults, so "low-fat" items are not necessary (or healthy) for them.

If you let your children help or prepare the meals/snacks by themselves (depending on age) they will not only enjoy the food more, they will be learning how to make healthy eating decisions - a skill that will last for generations to come!

Melinda Rice is a fitness consultant and writer based in Northern California. She manages Successful Fitness (, a personal training program that incorporates concepts of psychology, nutrition, wellbeing and fitness into a Lifestyle Transformation plan. You can reach her at

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