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Orlando, FL (March 15, 1999) The International Fitness Association. An online Fitness Center, IFA announced today the start of a series of kickboxing seminars. Seminars are provided on a first come basis. The seminars will be broadcast live using the latest technology and will be free to internet viewers.

IFA provides a completely free Automated Personal Training Service. Also, completely free is a comprehensive training manual entitled "Fitness ABCs" for online reading or download. Both of IFA's sites host sports specific training, frequently asked questions on general fitness, and a list of related fitness links. The IFA also offers a comprehensive online testing and certification program for Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor for only $99.

"Most people know more about their cars than the vehicle they travel in most ... their bodies. We're dedicated to changing that."

Chuck Krautblatt, President of IFA, is a certified Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer teaching Step Aerobics and Cardio Kickboxing at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He is also the Executive Producer of "Chuck's Body Shop" a TV pilot fitness show produced for the Chicago television market.

For more information about the IFA or to get a free Cyber Trainer workout visit the web site at or contact Chuck Krautblatt at 800-227-1976.

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