Weave Step
  • Start Position:
    • Standing with feet together
  • Description:
    • Left leg steps behind right, right leg steps wide of left, left leg steps in front of right, right leg 3 toe taps to the right then reverse...
  • Sequence:
    1. Standing
    2. Left leg steps behind right
    3. Right leg steps right - wide of left leg
    4. Left leg steps in front of right
    5. Right leg - 3 toe taps to the right side
    6. Reverse & repeat
  • Notes:
    • Mark Westbrook
    • Instead of just doing 3 toe taps to the side you may wish to do alternate toe taps right-left right for example, or add jupming jacks, or even a twist jump!
  • Submitted by:
    • Date: 2/18/05 at 19:46
    • Email: mcw-maxsax@netbreeze.co.uk
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