Reverse V-step Lunge
  • Start Position:
    • feet shoulder width apart on the ground
  • Description:
    • Reverse V-step, alternate lunge, exit
  • Sequence:
    1. step right foot up on left side of bench (face back)
    2. step left foot up on right side of bench (face back)
    3. lunge back with right foot (still facing back)
    4. lunge back with left foot (still facing back)
    5. exit right foot down on floor (facing back)
    6. exit left foot down on floor (facing back)
    7. Repeat reverse V-step/ lunge
    8. Now your facing front again
  • Notes:
    • This step is turning you towards the back of the room. when you repeat, you end up facing the front of the room again
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    • Date: 12/17/01 at 15:09
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