Repeater L-Step
  • Start Position:
    • Can be done from either side of bench
  • Description:
    • Adds punch to a regular L-Step, use a repeater, such as hip to take it home.
  • Sequence:
    1. Right foot on bench in left corner, lift left knee
    2. Put left foot on floor lift right knee
    3. Step forward put right foot on floor, lift left knee
    4. Step back, put left foot on floor, lift right knee
  • Notes:
    • The move is total 8 counts, cued a L-step, step forward, step back
    • Linda Heales
    • Advanced move, tapfree
    • regular L-step, mambo on floor, or tap up tap down
    • beginners may struggle with this move, but otherwise no limitations
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    • Date: 3/2/04 at 21:23
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