• Start Position:
  • Description:
    • Do a short move such as a knee raise three times in a row towards a corner of the board
  • Sequence:
    1. Step up on board with right foot facing left corner
    2. Bring other foot up and do a knee lift
    3. Bring the left foot down and tap the floor lightly
    4. Raise the left foot back into a knee lift
    5. Do this knee raise and tap down three times
    6. Bring the right foot down to the floor
  • Notes:
    • The repeater above is a "repeater three", but any number can be done such as a "repeater five"
    • More than 5 at a time is not IFA recommended.
    • Knee raise (as used above) can be replaced with hamstrings, kicks, abductions, etc. or kicks.

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