Over Hop 3 Around the Side
  • Start Position:
    • Behind bench facing sideways
  • Description:
    • Basic step over your bench followed by 3 single knee lifts [w/ optional hop], pivoting with stationary foot on the bench to bring you from the front of the bench back to the back of the bench, step down and add a single step touch for an even 16 count.
  • Sequence:
    1. Execute one 'step over your bench'
    2. Inside foot steps up, outside foot 1 knee lift
    3. Leave inside foot on bench, tap outside foot to floor
    4. Pivot foot on bench, 2nd knee lift, tap foot to floor
    5. Pivot foot on bench, 3rd knee lift
    6. Outside foot to floor, step down off bench
    7. Execute 1 step up and touch, return to floor
    8. repeat on other side for figure 8's
  • Notes:
    • The pivot should occur at the top of the knee lift where momentum will offset the weight and a hop could be placed. Lower impact could be a simple low kick to the side.

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  • Date: 6/21/11 at 14:58
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