2-3-4 Tempo and Front Knee
  • Start Position:
    • Fight stance (Orthodox lead side left; Southpaws right)
  • Description:
    • Excellent for developing front knee (Khao Drong in Muay Thai) with good coordination of initial punches
  • Sequence:
    1. Right knee-left knee
    2. left knee-right knee
    3. left lead front push kick-right front knee
    4. Right lead front push kick-left front knee
    5. Jab-right knee-left knee
    6. Southpaw jab (with right hand)-left knee-right knee
    7. Jab-right-left lead front push kick-right knee
    8. Southpaw 1-2 (opposite side)-right lead pk-left knee
  • Notes:
    • You can organize your class in pairs as the "school-academy partner work" in regular boxing/kickboxing.
    • You can work it out as rounds (2-3 min each side for cardiokickboxing class) or as count 8 aerobic class format.
    • I prefer roundtraining (instead of rest in between rounds)
    • People can run inside the room throwing punches 1-2 while running for 1 min; then start another round.
    • Fighters might stick to a particular side and develop technique agaist thai pads).
  • Submitted by:
    • Carlos Betancourt, El Salvador
    • Former Central American Boxing/Thai Kickboxing Champion/ Personal Trainer/ Founder of Kixxplus (Cardiokickboxing)
    • Date: 3/3/03 at 01:03
    • Email: kickboxing_fesalkick@yahoo.com
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