Shuffle Attack & Plyo Combo
  • Start Position:
    • Facing front, out of a "bob and weave"
  • Description:
    • This is a 32-count combo I use in Cardio KBX. It has three main parts that I break down, and then I put them together full-speed.
  • Sequence:
    1. Shuffle with 3 jabs, finish with a cross (4 counts)
    2. Bob and weave, guard up (back to home) (4 counts)
    3. 2 upper cuts (4 counts)
    4. 2 side kicks (4 counts)
    5. 1 slow squat (4 counts)
    6. 1 jump squat (4 counts)
    7. 1 burpee (8 counts)
  • Notes:
    • There should be about 1 second to catch your breath after the burpee, so you can switch directions on the next shuffle. I normally teach the shuffle-attack, bob home as an 8-count combo. Then I do 2 uppers/2 sidekicks/4 jacks as another drill-combo. Finally, I do a squat series (starting low impact and working back up to high), and then I have the class practice an 8 count burpee several times. (Make sure to cue form, especially on the burpee.) I then put it all together, and run through the combo for about 2-3 minutes without stopping. If you email questions, put "IFA Kickboxing" in subject line!

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