Power Punch
  • Start Position:
    • Horsestance/ Abs contracted/Pelvis tilted
  • Description:
    • Power punch combo (Jab, cross,uppercut) singles, doubles, flurry
  • Sequence:
    1. Alternate R jab/L jab 4x's
    2. Alternate R cross/L cross 4x's
    3. Alternate R upper/L upper 4x's
    4. Uppercut flurry 4 count (Tight Abs!!!!!!!!!!)
    5. Repeat combo w/Doubles, double time
  • Notes:
    • Make sure students keep their abs contracted, pelvis tilted shoulders rolled slightly forward. Before the combo, have them inhale deep with hands on their ribs(Heel of the hand out. fingers pointing inward) then exhale trying to bring the tips of their fingers together.
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