Multiple Opponents
  • Start Position:
    • Fighter Stance, Right Lead, Guard Up
  • Description:
    • Traveling Combination - Punches & Kicks
  • Sequence:
    1. Attacking Front Opponent - Left Knee Strike
    2. Right Lead Front Kick
    3. Hitch Kick
    4. Double Back Fist to Back Opponent
    5. Two Back Kicks - I jump these
    6. Pivot & Face Back Opponent
    7. Quick powerful 123 jab/cross/jab punches
    8. Repeat with Left Knee Strike to Back Opponent
  • Notes:
    • This can be done facing the front wall so you travel towards the right side of the room and then to the left side.
    • Feel free to contact me for clarification.
    • I have been teaching for 21 years and specifically kickboxing for 4 years. 2 years martial arts background.
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