• Start Position:
    • Front stance position
  • Description:
    • Begin by interlacing hands together (clasping at the thumbs). Bring rear leg up (leading with front of knee) thrusting hips forward and at the same time bringing clasped hands into your chest. Keep your chin down and your elbows in.
  • Sequence:
    1. Knee-Up with right leg back 10X
    2. Knee-Up with left leg back 10X
    3. Knee-Up with right leg 1X bring feet together
    4. Knee-Up with left leg 1X bring feet together
    5. Repeat 3,4 (30X)
    6. Supplement this exercise with front push kicks 15X
  • Notes:
    • Alexandra Navarro
    • When doing this move picture your opponents intercoastal organs
    • focus on keeping the front of your knee the lead not the top of your knee.
    • Hence, never interlace hands with your fingers.
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