Reverse Boxer and Jab
  • Start Position:
    • Right Hand Fighting Stance.
  • Description:
    • Boxer's Stance, up on toes. Do left Jabs for a count of 8 to 16 then do a 180 reverse on the down count so that your facing to the rear in the Left Hand Fighting Stance and do right jabs.
  • Sequence:
    1. Left Jab.
    2. Return
    3. Left Jab.
    4. Return
    5. Left Jab.
    6. Return
    7. Left Jab.
    8. Rotate 180 degrees to the rear and into the Left Hand Fighting Stance.
    9. Right Jab.
    10. Return
    11. Right Jab.
    12. Return
    13. Right Jab.
    14. Return
    15. Right Jab.
  • Notes:
    • Don't hyper-extend the knees during kicks.
    • Keep kicks no higher than thigh height.
    • Don't hyper-extend the elbows during jabs.

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