Side Kick and Block
  • Start Position:
    • Face front, feet a little wider than shoulder width, fists up at defense position in front of face.
  • Description:
    • Alternating low side kicks with same side low front blocks.
  • Sequence:
    1. Left side kick with left low front block
    2. Return to start position
    3. Right side kick with right low front block
    4. Return to start position
    5. Left side kick with left upper side block
    6. Return to start position
    7. Right side kick with right upper side block
    8. Return to start position and repeat above sequences for count of 16
  • Notes:
    • Don't hyper-extend the knees during kicks.
    • Keep kicks no higher than knee height.
    • Rotate the hips slightly forward to avoid lateral knee pressure.
    • Toes will point downward naturally if hips are slightly rotated forward.
    • Don't force the toes down to avoid torquing the knees.

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