Jab Cross Hook Upper
  • Start Position:
    • Right Lead
  • Description:
    • 4 jabs, jab-cross-hook-upper, knee strike, side kick, knee strike, side kick (16 count)
  • Sequence:
    1. 4 R jabs
    2. R jab, L cross, R hook, L upper
    3. R knee strike, L side kick
    4. R knee strike, L side kick
    5. Repeat on Left lead for a total 32 count combo
  • Notes:
    • Build up to this combo by repeating small portions and stacking on. Repeat 4 times on right lead then start over on left lead. Repeat 4 times on left lead, then alternate directions right & left for a 32-count combo. Repeat 4 times, then add a shuffle with the 4 jabs at the beginning. Entire combo can take about 5 minutes...then check the heart rate!
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    • Date: 3/9/03 at 02:35
    • Email: deerflats@sprintmail.com
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