Jab Workout
  • Start Position:
    • Half workout as righthanded / half as southpaw
  • Description:
  • Sequence:
    1. Jab in place
    2. Step foward and jab
    3. Double jab with stepping foward
    4. Jab and bob to the left (11 o'clock); cardio class SQUAT
    5. Jab and bob right (1 o'clock); cardio class SQUAT instead
    6. Jab-bob left or squat and pivot 90 degrees with right foot
    7. Jab-side step 45 degrees, cross jab-return
    8. Jab punches fast for remaining time of round
  • Notes:
    • Alternate sides.
    • Remember never lock the arm and never try to hit hard.
    • Do not tense your muscles while punching. Keep them loose.
    • The same routine can be done in the bag (wrap your hands and wear 16 oz gloves)
  • Submitted by:
    • Carlos Betancourt, El Salvador
    • Former Central American Boxing/Thai Kickboxing Champion/ Personal Trainer/ Founder of Kixxplus (Cardiokickboxing)
    • Date: 3/3/03 at 01:24
    • Email: kickboxing_fesalkick@yahoo.com
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