Heart Rate Upper-Cut & Hook
  • Start Position:
    • Face Forward
  • Description:
    • It's a step together step, then 3 upper cuts. Then the same foot work with hooks. (Higher impact pick knees up high when stepping). *Adding on ... put the Cuts & Hooks together. Right V-step with a quick (Left) upper cut (right) hook. Do uppercut while stepping wide with left foot.
  • Sequence:
    1. Step together step (going right)
    2. Left upper cut, right upper cut, left upper cut
    3. Step together step (going left)
    4. Right upper cut, Left upper cut, Right upper cut
    5. Same sequence but using Hooks instead
    6. Move into a Right V-Step.
    7. Add a quick (Left) Cut, (Right) Hook
    8. Transition to Left V-step with (R) Cut, (L) Hook
  • Notes:
    • This can be a really good HR upper.
    • I learned this from "Karen," a kickboxing instructor in MN.
    • My name is Misty, I am just starting out teaching, but I've enjoyed participating in many different aerobics for years.
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    • Date: 03/02/01 at 14:30
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