Arm Fatigue
  • Start Position:
    • Start facing the bag
  • Description:
    • Combination of jabs hooks uppers and fast feet work great for last cardio before cool down for a real challenge
  • Sequence:
    1. Start facing bag with feet shoulder width apart
    2. Start hitting hard jabs elbows up 24 count
    3. Alternate hard hooks 24 count
    4. Alternate hard uppers 24 count
    5. Stay with uppers but add knees up 24 count
    6. Back to fast jabs w/ knees up 24 count
    7. Repeat all 6 beginning with hard jabs x2
  • Notes:
    • This is a great shoulder and extension to your cardio workout.
    • Please e-mail me w/any questions.
    • I have been teaching kickboxing for 2 yrs. and I love it.
    • Jen Schreurs
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