W.D.B.KO (Watch da birdie KO)
  • Start Position:
    • boxing stance
  • Description:
    • A distraction to a finish off
  • Sequence:
    1. Cover face with your right hand
    2. Hold up your left hand to the left of there face
    3. Your opponent looks over at it
    4. Then come with a raging right hook that hits his cheek
    5. Believe tht your goin right through his face
    6. As if through air
  • Targets:
    • Face (favored side)
  • Notes:
    • Hi I'm Jon.
    • Records --- Boxing: 10-0 10KO's, Kickboxing: 31-0 31 KO's
    • This is a fun move if your really good and your opponent isn't very skilled.
    • It's fun to play around with them on this one ... they look over and then before you know it they're down....
    • If you heard it from me ... you've heard it from a champ haven't lost I'm undefeated send me an email if ya'd like to know more.
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