• Start Position:
    • Stance of choice, striking leg and hand in front
  • Description:
    • Prevents opponent from getting close,a sweep or kick to the side of the knee to put him to the ground, also good distance for a powerful straight or side kick.
  • Sequence:
    1. Quick side kick to knee stopping him
    2. Sweep or kick the target knee just as it locks
    3. From here its up to you, you could sweep him
    4. You could kick the target leg to the inside same effect
    5. Both these techniques would cause him to fall
  • Targets:
    • Mainly the knee
  • Notes:
    • This basically revolves around the initial first blow to the knee, everything else is up to you.
    • Like several other techniques, this can be dangerous and is not intended for the ring.
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    • Date: 11/30/04 at 22:28
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