Throwback Punch
  • Start Position:
    • Step 1
  • Description:
    • Use your weight to deliver a punch that will knock opponent off balance and the follow through will knock him back AT LEAST a few steps.
  • Sequence:
    1. knees bent, head low, fists on kidneys (opposite thumb)
    2. step back hands are at your side and knees are bent.
    3. you should have stepped with same foot as strong hand.
    4. use your leg to propel you forward (not jumping).
    5. launch hand STRAIGHT toward target
    6. when you hit arm shouldn't be extended all way
    7. push as hard as possible with fist (straighting it)
  • Targets:
    • face (dont break anything)
    • chest (most knockback effect)
    • stomach (knockout)
    • arms (will barely be able to move arms)
  • Notes:
    • This is a move of opportunity, whatever art you are, you will value this better if used when target is already off balance.
    • DO NOT just use it; they must be off guard or they will plant one in your face.
    • Most challenging part of this move is learning WHEN to use it.
    • I've mastered these and others I knocked a taekwondo master on his back with one hit, this one.
    • Results will not be equal it depends on your weight.
    • Dont use in the air because it puts tremendous pressure on elbows that's why you hit not straightened.
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