Straight Blast
  • Start Position:
    • Any
  • Description:
    • The straight blast is a smooth, fast transition from the Kicking Range into the Trapping (Elbow & Knee)Range -- in a way that keeps your opponent off balance and scared. This move was developed by Bruce Lee and a staple move of Jeet Kun Do.
  • Sequence:
    1. Throw a fake kick or a low kick w/contact
    2. Move in fast
    3. Throw quick series of hand over hand short punches
    4. as if your fists were cranking a small wheel in front
    5. get in close to Trapping (elbow/knee) range
    6. Finish with elbow/knee strike
  • Targets:
    • Head
    • Throat
    • Chest
  • Notes:
    • Chris Pizzo
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