Serufu Hail
  • Start Position:
    • Serufu offensive
  • Description:
    • This move should be timed just as opponent begins to retreat. If executed well your opponent should be unable to stand
  • Sequence:
    1. Wait for opponent to begin to retreat
    2. the best opportunity is after they have just jabbed
    3. look for the leg which is in front (left for regulars)
    4. Step forward and bring up right foot as they retreat
    5. bring heel down on opponent's knee cap
    6. if the leg is currently ahead the leg should lock
    7. if you drive your foot down hard the opponent should fall
  • Targets:
    • directly onto knee cap
  • Notes:
    • Jake
    • This is not to be used in competitions
    • Serufu Shura is a brand new martial art which focusses on individual strengths and iradicates weaknesses.
    • You should be hearing of it a lot in the next few years
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