Serufu Elbow
  • Start Position:
    • Boxer's defensive
  • Description:
    • Elbow to diaphragm
  • Sequence:
    1. Either layback or stepback from attackers punch (advisible)
    2. Or duck (experienced boxers/kickboxers)
    3. in one motion duck and drive elbow upwards into stomach
    4. rise just before impact for more power
  • Targets:
    • just below diaphragm to wind opponent
    • lower abdominals to stun opponent
  • Notes:
    • Jake
    • Withdraw soon after striking, unless you plan on overpowering your opponent.
    • This move should be used in competitions, not as street defence.
    • Serufu Shura is a brand new martial art which focusses on individual strengths and iradicates weaknesses.
    • You should be hearing of it a lot in the next few years
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