Serufu Daggar
  • Start Position:
    • Boxing offensive
  • Description:
    • Sharp strike to throat.
  • Sequence:
    1. draw back left shoulder
    2. deliver a quick jab to offenders face
    3. as he is focusing step forward with the right foot
    4. in an uppercut motion strike the offenders throat
    5. use fingertips not balled fist
  • Targets:
    • First target anywhere in face
    • Second is either the adam's apple or top of the throat
  • Notes:
    • Jake.
    • This move is for street defence only
    • Use this move if there is one offender (the idea is for it to buy you time to run)
    • Serufu Shura is a brand new martial art which focusses on individual strengths and iradicates weaknesses.
    • You should be hearing of it a lot in the next few years
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