Serufu Bear Grapple Counter
  • Start Position:
    • kickboxing grapple (without inside advantage)
  • Description:
    • Throw to end a bad grapple
  • Sequence:
    1. Instead of fighting for the inside advantage place...
    2. arms around opponent's middle
    3. step in close to avoid straight knees
    4. place front foot behind backfoot
    5. lift opponent off the floor and pivot fast to the left
    6. let go of opponent in mid air or place him on the ground
    7. if opponent is still too close for comfort then tip...
    8. him away before he recovers his stance
  • Targets:
  • Notes:
    • You will need to be of a heavy build for this move to be possible.
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    • Date: 8/22/02 at 17:53
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