Shortcut to Dragonfly
  • Start Position:
    • Left or Right Stance eg (RS: Right Leg + Arm Forward)
  • Description:
    • Roundhouse kick to upper body or head.
  • Sequence:
    1. Start a Roundhouse depending on your stance and aim high
    2. As you follow through bring the kicking leg back down
    3. As you bring your foot down your twisting your body spinning
    4. at the same time move your other leg up for a sidekick
    5. second leg should power out into the stomach
    6. your 2nd leg should end up horizontal and your body too
  • Targets:
    • Upper Torso/Head
    • Stomach/Chest/Head
  • Notes:
    • Hard to get the balance right in a spin but eventually is very useful.
    • The Quick roundhouse shocks. Giving time to spin into a sidekick and power into the opponent
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