Powerful Roundhouse Back Leg
  • Start Position:
    • Kickboxing Stance
  • Description:
    • Weaken and KO opponent, can be used 'in the ring' and 'out of the ring'
  • Sequence:
    1. Get your stance
    2. Then simply twist your hips
    3. And put all your power in the kicking leg
    4. and throw it into the ribs or head for great results
  • Targets:
    • Practice them on a punch bag or thai pads
    • Aim only for the ribs or the head to take effect
  • Notes:
    • UFC's Mirko Cro Cop uses this KO move
    • DaLz, I Use this move a lot in Sparring or in the Ring it is very Powerful after some practice
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    • Date: 8/17/07 at 08:49
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