Dull Blade Revolver
  • Start Position:
    • Boxing Stance
  • Description:
    • Quick combo with many different finishers: Hook, uppercut, spinning backfist, front kick, hook kick, roundhouse (low, middle, or high). Priority is speed and range is medium.
  • Sequence:
    1. Start in boxing stance (left or right)
    2. Execute a backfist (target; head)
    3. Backfist through the target
    4. Switch backfist to knife hand
    5. Execute a knife hand (target: side of the neck)
    6. Follow-up with power finisher
  • Targets:
    • Head
    • Neck
    • Whatever else you want
  • Notes:
    • After the knife hand, you can throw practically any power move based on what the opponent does. If they block high, punish with a low technique. The higher the speed, the more you can confuse the opponent and punish them with the power shot. I've sat down many bigger guys with this combo (170+lbs) and I'm only 140lbs :) -=PJ
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    • Date: 1/7/08 at 16:44
    • Email: pboykin@sc.rr.com
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