Quick Kick Combo
  • Start Position:
    • left foot foward kicking stance
  • Description:
    • Devastating kicking combo but only for fast kickers. Turning kick is also called round house kick
  • Sequence:
    1. right foot comes around with turning kick to knees
    2. without dropping the right leg raise and kick to head
    3. put right leg down near opponent
    4. come around with left turning kick to opponents head
    5. than right hook to head if they are not down
  • Targets:
    • knees
    • head
    • head
  • Notes:
    • Craig Hopkins i'm 16 and have been doing TKD for 7 years I have never done kick boxing
    • can replace hook kick with spinning hook or a jump spinning hook
    • limitations basically are if you are a slow kicker