Pull Punch
  • Start Position:
    • any stance
  • Description:
    • grab opponets arm and pull as they come in punch themin the head
  • Sequence:
    2. pull opponets right arm with your left with power
    3. as they come in through a powerful punch to head
    4. or kick or knee to abdomen
    5. DON'T PUNCH IN THE FOREHEAD you'll break your hand
    6. instead palm the forehead
    7. or aim for their chin nose cheek
    8. this should knock anyone down
  • Targets:
    • kicks - abdomen, chest or face if your fast
    • sweep - use your leg to take them down
    • punch - face chin jaw cheek nose philtrum (NOT HEAD)
    • knee - abdomen
    • clothesline type move - neck face keep arm stiff
  • Notes:
    • Another sweet move from James Gatward.
    • I only gve you effective moves (this is quite brutal)
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