Progressive Indirect Attack
  • Start Position:
    • Right Fighting Stance ( opponent's the same)
  • Description:
    • Feinting at abdominals but the real objective is to open opponent's guard to strike with hook punch
  • Sequence:
    1. Intercept attacking opponent by front side kick (stophit)
    2. Straight punch to his left abdominals to force him to block
    3. After penetration of his left defense strike with hookpunch
  • Targets:
    • temple
    • chin
  • Notes:
    • The objective of striking to abdominals is to force him to block by Low Block.
    • That is the penetration of his left defense. Then you can strike with the same hand by hook punch sneaking around the opponent's opened left guard
    • posted by Mehmet Tarman begginner jkder
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