Power Hook Takedown
  • Start Position:
    • Same as throwback punch
  • Description:
    • Power hook is a hook strengthened by using your weight but unlike throwback punch.
    • I forgot to mention not to step before the actual hit because when I hit before a step I can knock a 170 pound man into the floor hit after I leave a bruise.
  • Sequence:
    1. stand like throw back punch
    2. step back and jump FORWARD not up
    3. hit with arm in right angle in downward motion
    4. rise into a guard (throwback stance HEAD LOW)
    5. using momentum knock target down by ramming him
  • Targets:
    • kidney
    • ribs
    • arm
    • head
  • Notes:
    • My name is Alex and I am a streetfighter I know a bit of everything and dont reign in one thing like tae kwon do, ninjitsu, and about 3 others.
    • I havent been beaten in since I was 6.
    • Make sure you lock your arm in a right angle when you hit otherwise you wont hit with full pontential.
    • Also, hit flat fisted otherwise your knuckles might break.
    • Basic lesson HIT BEFORE YOU STEP (Throwback punch throws back and this is meant for knockouts you DO need a massive amount of space to do this right about the length of your leg and a few steps that you do to ram him.
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