PIA Knee Strike
  • Start Position:
    • Right On-Guard Position
  • Description:
    • Drawing opponents attention away from your intended knee strike to feint jab strikes
  • Sequence:
    1. push-step forward with lead (right) straight jab to face
    2. rear (right) straight jab to face
    3. clinch opponent's neck with your both hands
    4. pull him to yourself and strike to abs with rear knee
    5. while striking continue pulling him downwards
    6. downward elbow strike to head
    7. knee strike to face
  • Targets:
    • nose
    • chin
    • abs
    • head
  • Notes:
    • The first jab is used to close the gap.
    • Push step should come after the punch is initiated the hand moves first and then the feet.
    • Body should move before the feet. But the jab and stepping forward footwork should occur in a simultaneous manner.
    • The second jab hides the fact that you are striking to a lower level(with knee).
    • These jabs draws the opponenet's attention away from your intended knee strike, to your feints(jabs) to allow the opening for you to strike with knee this move is a kind of "Progressive Indirect Attack" the act of feinting, or changing the line of attack. Posted by Mehmet Tarman beginner jkder
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