• Start Position:
    • normal boxing/kickboxing stand
  • Description:
    • Complex combo used in self defense not tournaments, the point is to distract the opponent until close enough to use elbow strikes safely
  • Sequence:
    1. Start at the normal position and throw two jabs
    2. Throw a right cross
    3. Throw a left hook
    4. Throw a straight
    5. Grapple opponents head with left hand
    6. Throw two elbow strikes to the head
    7. As opponent leans back
    8. strike with the back of the right hand to the face/neck
  • Targets:
    • eyes
    • nose
    • temples
    • ears
    • cheek
    • jaw
    • neck
    • chin
  • Notes:
    • This is very useful if you're fast at the beggining since the point is to distract the opponent until you can grab the head.
    • The elbow strikes are directed to any part of the head depending the amount of damage intended
    • You can use this move at the beginning or to end the fight, if used at the beginning a great way to start is with a head butt.
    • This is to be used as self defense
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