The KO Counter to a Punch
  • Start Position:
    • Boxing stance, can be stanceless
  • Description:
    • If a right hand is thrown towards your face, a quick weave left under punch, twisting body away from attacker, then stepping into the attackers personal space, sweetly placing a left hook on the chin/temple guranteed KO
  • Sequence:
    1. Attacker throws punch (right cross)
    2. Quick weave left under punch
    3. Twist body away from attacker
    4. Step into attackers space
    5. Place a wonderfully timed left hook to the chin
    6. Follow through target
    7. Your man is down and out baby
  • Targets:
    • Chin
    • possibly Temple
  • Notes:
    • My name is James (16). This whole process can be revearsed if a left punch is thrown just hit them with a right!
    • The only limitation for this KO would be you have to be quick and watchful of their shoulder
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    • Date: 9/7/03 at 18:26
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