Instant Counter Jump Back Kick
  • Start Position:
    • Rear leg is the kicking leg
  • Description:
    • This specific technique is used in Olympic Taekwondo, and can benefit a kickboxer as well. Mechanics wise, it's a very simple kick, yet it's very difficult to block. Next to the axe kick, the jump back kick is one of the most powerful kicks. The application of the kick requires the opponent to lunge or move in towards you, assuming his objective is to punch or kick you. Once you see him or her move in, initiate the kick. It should almost be instantaneous. You may also change the technique into a hook kick. The back kick is aimed for the body, while the hooking technique is most likely aimed for the head.
  • Sequence:
    1. Kicking leg is to the rear, both knees slightly bent
    2. Once you see your oppponent come in, push off both legs
    3. Jump AND spin at the same time, looking over shoulder
    4. While jumping and spinning, tuck both legs in
    5. Push your butt out toward opponent, for maximum reach
    6. Throw the back kick, hitting with heel or sole of foot
    7. Other leg is tucked and pulled away from kicking leg
    8. It's a sudden kick, so no "hang time".
  • Notes:
    • Additional Details: Sometimes this technique can be performed blind.
    • Variations: You can also step into the kick, which will make it an offensive kick. You step with the non kicking leg, then you start the jump/spin.
    • Limitations: It's very easy to miss as well as you back being exposed. It's not an easy kick, and if failed, counterattack is inevitable, so balance is a must with this kick.
    • John Y. Lee
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