Headlock Reverse
  • Start Position:
    • execution (front headlock) by other fighter or sparer
  • Description:
    • reversing an execution
  • Sequence:
    1. lift head up so you can breathe
    2. grab fighters wrists
    3. push fighters arm forward
    4. twist so the opposers arm is behind his/her back
    5. put your arm arounf opposers neck
    6. kick opposer in back of legs behind knees
    7. while opposer is on his knees swiftly twist his neck
    8. then push oppser to floor
  • Targets:
    • do this move quickly
    • twist neck as fast as possible
  • Notes:
    • Anthont Millington, use this move in self defence not in bout. When twisting opposers neck do not break it.
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