The Guillotine Crippler
  • Start Position:
    • Right leg forward
  • Description:
    • Lower body attack, followed by attack to side of body, then to back of body.
  • Sequence:
    1. Opponent comes forward with high kick or punch.
    2. Throw fast left front kick to abdominal.
    3. Followed by power right knee to right side ribs.
    4. Opponent will bend over in great pain.
    5. Quickly deliver powerful elbow to spine or neck.
  • Targets:
    • Front kick - lower body or knee
    • Knee - side of body, ribs or kidney
    • Elbow - spine or back of neck
  • Notes:
    • This should NEVER be used in competition, as it can cause permanent paralysis, or sometimes, DEATH.
    • This should be reserved for self-defense purposes only.
    • This should also be carried out with the greatest of speed, and can only be learnt through hours of practice.
    • Bo Bonilla
    • Self-defense instructor, trainer
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